OpenShot vs Shotcut video editor as a free Adobe Premiere Pro alternative on Windows 10 in 2018

Today I tried out two free alternative for Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows 10. Namely OpenShot and Shotcut video editor. Let me tell you my experience after a half a year of Premiere Pro experience.


If you are like me, who is small on YouTube or/and don’t want to spend that much money (opens in new tab) on a commercial Video Editor, there are a phew good alternatives you can try. If you are on a Mac probably you got a lot more and better solutions than these two, but I am on Windows 10 and it does not support a free alternative out of the box, so I found these two to create this little YouTube video to try them out.

The video was made with Shotcut.

It is not about the content but rather the features I could or couldn’t use, so let’s begin.

I first tried OpenShot

[download link] (Opens in new tab)

That app opened but not for long.

I was really excited to try this app out, because it promised a lot in features. Unfortunately I didn’t get to the part where I could try out the cutting feature, promised multi-layer capability and loads of video transitions and effects. I don’t know how it is for other Windows 10 users, but on my highly capable laptop (i7, 16Gb Ram, GTX 960m) it couldn’t handle 2 minutes of videos. It crashed all the time, processor was used 100%, video preview was slow and sluggish.

If you try out this app on windows 10 and it works for you, please let me know in the comments. Hopefully it was an issue only on my machine.

Let’s talk about Shotcut

[download link] (Opens in new tab)

Now Shotcut did get the job done. But it wasn’t flawless unfortunately. You can chose between two modes. With GPU or CPU render methods. Now the GPU render mode as I am writing is still experimental, but I was expecting differences in render speed only. It is not the case though. It adds special effects and transitions that is not available with CPU render mode, but in return it fails (crashes) on text add-ons and hides a lot of other features. That is the reason why I do not have any text at the end of the video although I wanted to add some.

In Shotcut I was able to create different channels for audio and video as well. It also shows the audio wave that is a must have feature. As I mentioned I was able to add a nice transition in audio and video as well.

In Summary

For me, today’s clear winner was Shotcut over OpenShot to use as a replacement for Adobe Premiere Pro. If OpenShot would have worked today the final result could have been totally different.

If you do not want to explore yourself all the available video editing programs because you are tight on time, I would say that Shotcut is a capable video editing software that gets the job done.

In comparison with Premiere Pro you will miss the easy J cuts, the advanced audio editing tools, and the separate audio channel from the video as it is really convenient to use in Premiere Pro, but if you do not want to make a Hollywood class film, you won’t have much problems.

I hope this article helped to answer some of your questions. If not, don’t be afraid to leave your question in the comment below.


Thank you.

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