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A few days ago I went to run and I thought why not to create a little video on my phone for IGTV (aka Instagram TV). For that I needed to create a 9:16 video and InShot was an invaluable tool in my tool set. This video editor was made for Android and iPhone users to be able quickly edit videos on the go.

After my run I went to take a shower and took an hour chilling. Under this hour I was able to make the next video using InShot. I was surprised how easy it was to edit it with just 2 fingers.

Freemium Model

Before you start wondering. I edited this app with the free version of the app. Most of the features are free, you only have to pay if you want to remove the InShot logo from the bottom of your final video, and if you want all the effects, stickers and alike. It also has a little ad space in the main video timeline. To start out the free version is perfect.If you have a great idea to a short film or you have a funny moment to share and you only need to edit and tweak your footage, this app is up to the job. Now let’s see what features this app holds for you. I left the best to the end. Read it through. Do not peek 😀



The main feature why I tried this video editor is because it is so easy to set the frame size for IGTV where I originally posted the video.

As you can see on the picture you have:

  • No Frame (You can set it manually)

  • 1:1 (for Instagram)

  • 4:5 (for Instagram Story)

  • 16:9 (for YouTube)

  • 9:16 (for IGTV)

Trim, Cut and Split

Yes, as simple as the heading is, InShot includes these basic but must have features. By tapping on the Trim icon on the main menu slide you will see all 3 options as you can see in the pictures below.

Blur Bacground

Yes. Blurred background. I am sure you saw videos on Facebook and YouTube where the video didn’t fit the screen and some moving blurred background painted the unused area. Now you can do it as well with InShot video editor. If you want, of course you can chose any static colour as well in the simple “Background” menu.


Now that part alone will worth a full article it is so extensive giving you much more control I was expecting. In a few words:

  1. First you have the basic colour Filters, like you have on Instagram when you edit pictures and videos. One tap and it looks nice.

  1. Next you have Effects. These are really really cool effects to chose from. My favourites are:

    1. Glitch: like you’d have an old damaged video tape.

    2. Ghost: Honestly, if you’d ever want to create a drunk clip that effect is for you.

    3. TV: Now that is from the 90’s if not 80’s. Looks so cool.

    4. And there many more, like Flip, Mirror, Neon, Comic, Snow and Star and still many more.

  1. The third filter is Adjust. Here you gain full control of your video. This menu reminds me for Lightroom CC, just it is for videos. Why didn’t I use it this yet ? As I am revisiting my last project looks so much cooler with those “Adjusts”.


Here you can play with the video speed. You can slow it down to 0.5 (half speed) or speed it up to 2 (double speed).


Simple stickers, animated stickers, free stickers, paid stickers, you can have it all. In the picture below you can see some of the freely available ones as I put it to my video. After you place it, you will be presented with a slide that helps you set when should it appear in the video and also when should disappear. Really nice feature.


If you’d like to write something to the screen you can do it here. After clicking on the Text icon and you write something, you will be able to move and transform your text, colour it and you can also choose your favourite font type. If you want to place more than one text you are free to do it, and just like with stickers, the timeline feature is available here as well.


If you can edit so many visuals why not to adjust the audio levels of your video ? By clicking on the video timeline you can set the audio level between 0 and 100.


It is a simple feature, but if you shot your footage upside down or on the side you can fix it here. It rotates the video by 90% to the right.


Simple feature again. If you want your right to be your left, here is your chance. It can be useful if you refer to one of your side, like “On my right…(something is or happens)” but on the video it looks the opposite side. Can be handy 🙂

The surprise feature: Music

This was the biggest feature I didn’t expect here. In short this is the InShot version of Epidemic Sound but for free and integrated into the app. You have the option to use royalty free music from the Featured section, but you are free to chose music from your own library. If you like any of the featured songs you can support the composers by donating.

It was so convenient and easy just to grab one of those musics and embed it into my video. It should be built in to all video editor application. Life would be so much better for video editors.

Flip side of the app

  • No easy B-roll like in Adobe Premiere where you can have multiple video channels covering each others using multiple audio channels as well. Although you can use multiple music channels and you can also extract “music” from the video. With this, you can do the same trick but with more work. I am sure new phones could handle the task. InShot developers, please consider adding that feature. If it is risky just give a warning that it might be slow to edit, but for those who have a powerhouse in their hands, enable it.

  • Sometimes it gets tricky to Trim videos and music in the exact positions because of the small screen on phones. But it is solved really well for Stickers. The same system would be welcomed in trimming and cutting, splitting. Also if we could zoom in the timeline would be helpful. It might not be a problem in tablets.

Final thoughts

I think in general InShot is a powerful mobile video editor application. It has many features that big desktop editors should envy. Disregarding of the single video timeline, everything is available that you would need on the go to make the job done. Luckily multiple audio (music) channels are available so you can do the trick there. Stickers, text, color corrections etc are making this app a really good package.

In a 1 to 5 system I would give 4.5 stars. It is almost perfect. I hadn’t experience app crashing on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the speed of the software is really good. Usability of the UI (user interface) is really intuitive. The fremium model of InShot makes it available to everyone and you can opt in to premium content when you really want to rely on it. I would say it is worth the price.

Who should use it ?

Although you cannot replace Adobe Premier with InShot, the target audience is different. I would say that if you just starting out with video editing and social media, vlogging and simple reviews, this app can handle the job. Especially if you live your life on your phone and you don’t want to spend money a PC or a MacBook Pro.

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