My Motivation for Learning Photoshop

taking photo with Canon EDS

If you are here I am sure you want to find motivation for learning Photoshop. For me the motivation is to learn more about Photography, Design and Animation. Let me tell you my story.

Lately I thought a lot about finding a hobby, because

I have been feeling this for a long time. I need something that both improves the skills I have to use to make money and a passion I enjoy doing that also supercharges my energy.

coding is fun,

In my case the money making skill is programming. I have to code a lot. A dry experience compared to a creative area like photography. I don’t want to be mean, I really like it. It is challenging, it is also creative in an architectural way. It is a lot of fun when there is a challenging problem to solve and there is someone to share the triumph with, after solving a challenging mind beast. Mostly a “bug”, we call it.

Building something new is more fun. Like playing Lego, how to make the most out of what we’ve got. And because it is virtual, only the machine that will run it can draw limitations. Our minds are free to build whatever we want. The problem is, there aren’t many people who can understand what you are passionate about that much. It takes time to explain even in person the details that was so enjoyable for you. There is no time for that in a workplace. So it is hard to share and have this experience.

but being creative is even more fun !

I need something that charges me up. I am sure you experience the same thing every day. While I am emptying out all of the energy in my left brain, thinking about Spaghetti (I am sorry, Code), the right side of my brain is all charged up at the end of the day and just wants to take over the world. I don’t mean it literally, but it wants to use all of the energy that remained in my body.

Going to take photos, editing those in a way that I can express myself. Thinking about making a good web design that might be useful for someone (I can code, right ?). Making animations and creating fun things like mini games and who knows what project will I find interesting. All I know I am doing it. I already went out, and took photos. Posted a few on Instagram and GuruShots and I felt, I can do more. I want to do more so I do more !

The good thing about it, my work will explain itself. I won’t have to talk about scientific things that are hard to explain even to my fellow colleagues. I just share it on a platform that many of you are following and I can get feedback. Did I something you like ? Could I improve somewhere? Finding these out inspires me and keeps me excited.

Watch me improving, oh yeah

It is OK to talk about improvement, but blindly going ahead is rarely wise. Especially when you are just starting out learning some new skills. I want to WOW you, but where do I gain the skills for that ?

Well, I am not sponsored by them, but I use Pluralsight for years and I trust them. I’ve learned a lot more there about programming then in University. That is how I found the Photoshop for Creative Professionals path.

I already watched the first course about Photoshop CC Fundamentals. A 6 hours long course, where I learned so much about Photoshop. All right, I just started out, so it was not hard to impress me. But it was easy to follow along and it has great exercise files, images in that case.

OK, that is enough chatting for today

I have to go to improve my skills. As I have got an overall picture of what Photoshop can do, I cannot wait to hone my skills on Photoshop CC Selections. I have so much ideas in my mind that needs all these skills. My first goal is to get to the “Photoshop CC for the Web” course, because that is where my existing skills can shake hands with my new skills. I will make a big bang with those skills merging. I am so hyped right now 😀

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