Hey ! 

My name is Botond Bertalan. A Hungarian freelance programmer.

I work as a programmer for companies and clients since 2012 and I graduated as a Software Information Technologist (a mix of Business and Computer Science) at the summer of 2013.

I use and used a variaty of progamming languages. I started to learn the main concepts of programming (like Algorithms and Computer Graphics) using Ansi C and C++ . On the other side the business applications I wrote were written using some of the next languages: C#, Java, PHP and JavaScript.

I also had a year learning about Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis using Python as a hobby, but I had no time to invest into it.

Although you can find a long list of projects on my Linkedin resume, I enjoyed using Asp.Net and Javascript the most. I have so much fun automating business processes and helping companies to achieve their mission using the applications I wrote for them. Will you be the next one ?

My current projects are in full stack Javascript, including Node.js and Reactjs.

If you want to know more about me or you want to work with me, let me know on any of my social accounts or write me an email: info@botondev.com. 




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